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June 20th, 2010

Um, what has happened to me since I last wrote??  Nothing remarkable actually.  I’ve been going to work, reading both novels and the news, watching TV,  grocery shopping, cooking, and listening to reruns of Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me!  The NPR News Quiz, all in varying orders and degrees of intensity.  So, I haven’t been really doing anything exciting extremely noteworthy, or interesting.

One event of personal significance and excitement is that Wednesday, my dad booked my plane tickets to Morocco!!  Soooo exciting!!  I’m leaving on the 23rd of August and flying to Frankfurt, Germany to spend 10 or so days with my uncle and his family in Stuttgart.  Then I’ll fly to Rabat where I’ll get to start my program!!!!  I’ve turned in the last of my paperwork and just have to finish up a few minor details, like buy new walking shoes.  Booyah!

Ok, I think I’ve pretty much exhausted my ability to describe my fairly uneventful, but certainly not boring, last few weeks this summer.  Sorry I didn’t have more stuff to tell you.  Next time maybe.

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