Farewell Fair Fishies, So Long

July 19th, 2010

I’m devastated to say that two days ago, both my poor fish kicked the bucket.  They were such hardy little things, they survived the trip between Wooster and Fremont, OH, twice, and the slightly longer journey (about 12 hours give or take) from Wooster to Vermont.  My little sister graciously offered me the use of her slightly larger and vacant fish tank.  I took her up on the offer thinking the girls (yes I found out my fish are both girls) would enjoy a larger apartment.  So my other sister Maggie and I transferred my little darlings to the larger tank and set them down in their usual space back in our room.  Maggie was going to take care of them for me while I’m in Morocco, so she needed to learn how to properly care for them.  It was later that night that Libby noticed their tiny little bodies floating lifelessly around in the tank.  It was weird, one was doing the classic belly up at the surface act, and the other was floating vertically, just like it was standing, or hung up on a hook.  Poor little things.  I must admit I didn’t do anything at first, I couldn’t bring myself to deal with their death at the moment.

So I just left them to float for a bit, actually an entire day.  That evening I booked them tickets on the porcelain throne.  I hear it takes them to a better place.  When I went to scoop them out of the tank rigor mortise had set in and they were all stiff and frozen in the same position with their fins sticking straight out to the sides.  It reminded my of a crucifix, which was a little eerie considering one of my fish is named after the late great Pope John Paul II.  And so they floated awkwardly in the bowl for a little bit, then my mother came in to salute them and I flushed them away.  So long, and thanks for all the fish.  God I love Monty Python.

What’s more, I realized today that my cat Jemima Fish officially qualifies as a SENIOR KITTY!  She’s eight years old, and that means that she technically should be eating senior cat food.  *tear*  My baby girl is getting old!!!  I don’t want to think about losing anymore pets!  They are probably what I miss the most when I’m at school.  No offense fishes, but you’re not very good cuddly comfort buddies.

So that’s all the interesting stuff that has taken place since my last entry.  Not much I’m afraid.  Research, car trips and visiting family members are not really blog worthy material, at least not for this goals of this blog.  I don’t think anyone would be terribly interested in reading about that aspect of my life.  So I must bid thee adieu and go finish some paperwork, write a few emails, and make a phone call or two.

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