Calligraphy Lessons

December 2nd, 2010

So, I have to tell you that this week has been pretty quiet.  Nothing really remarkable has happened, people are just now realizing that they have term papers due and are working feverishly to get those done, including myself.  So today I was just focused on getting through classes.  Arabic went by smoothly this morning.  We’re learning about the weather.  I got the Arabic homework done during my break.  One point for being proactive!  In the afternoon I had my gender studies class where we learned about female political empowerment and youth subculture.  It was actually a very interesting class. I was introduced to Moroccan hip hop; we listened to songs by one group called Fnaire.  Their songs have political and social messages.  This one is called “Don’t Touch My Country” (English translation) (ماتقيش بلادي) and it is speaking out against terrorism.

So, after classes were over we had the choice to stay for a calligraphy demonstration.  I enjoy doing calligraphy at home, and so I thought that learning how to do Arabic calligraphy would be very cool.  It turns out that the person doing the demonstration was Mohamed Qarmad, one of the best Arabic calligraphers in the Muslim world!  (See Mr. Qarmad at work) It was so exciting!  There were only five of us who were there for the demonstration, so he wrote our names in calligraphy on a piece of paper for us, in several different fonts.  He even made a design that we could take to a jewelers and get set in a gold pendant! 🙂  He did this all for free too.  I can’t believe I just got free artwork from one of the best calligraphers in the Muslim world.  I am definitely taking this paper home and framing it!

This is my name in Arabic, written in several different fonts

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