Help Help I’ve only got one more week in the Maghreb!!

December 11th, 2010

So, as you can see from the title, I’ve only got one more week to spend in Morocco.  I’m sort of depressed about it actually.  I just started to really settle in, I can communicate much more with my family, I’ve got a routine down.  The constant packing and moving every 3-4 months in college really irks me.  I’m the kind of person that doesn’t mind settling down and staying in one place.  I always feel this way around exam period in school.  First of all you’re feeling a little bit of stress because you have exams and final papers due, obviously, but you also know that right after you finish your exams and papers you have to pack up and travel back home for several weeks.  It’s exhausting!  It’s definitely my least favorite part of school.  I’m really feeling anxious now to because although I’m ready for school to be over, I’m not ready to leave Morocco, and I know that I’m going to spend my last week in the country doing a lot of studying.  I’d rather do some sight seeing.  There are still many places in the country that I haven’t seen.  I guess if I’m going to be optimistic about it, I could say that I’m “saving” Marrakech, Essouira, and Casablanca for when I come back to Morocco.  You know what, I’ll keep thinking along those lines.  I like that plan.  When I come back to Morocco I will make sure to get to Marrakech, Essouira, Casablanca, and Tetouan.

So, my week has been super quiet.  By quiet I mean that I really did nothing but write papers and go to school.  I’m definitely not referring to the noise level of the city because there seems to be quite a lot of little boys with exploding fire crackers in the streets this past week.  I swear I have no idea how these kids got fire crackers, sparklers, and other small explosives that you usually only see in the United States around Independence Day.  I’ve literally jumped high in the air several times in the medina from fire crackers exploding at very close quarters.  Every time there’s usually a group of giggling boys who think that scaring “western tourists” (ie: me) is just about the funniest thing in the world.  It’s interesting, I’ve been in Morocco for 3.5 months now and guys on the street still yell “Welcome to Morocco” at me when I walk past.  If only they knew.

Oh, cool thing happened this week with my internship.  Actually, last week was the last week of my internship, but at least it ended on a high note!  My last project was related to the Right of Access to Information, and this weekend, Transparency Maroc is hosting an international debate/conference/work shop on this topic.  What I did was I  researched and read  A LOT of Freedom of Information laws from countries all around the world.  I was looking for things in the law that were really unique or very strong.  I wrote a report on my findings and condensed that report into a chart that I translated into French.  Hopefully, maybe, my chart will be used as a handout at the workshop.  It would be super cool.  I got to attend part of the conference yesterday.  There were speakers there from UNESCO the Dutch Embassy, and even an Canadian expert on Freedom of Information and writing Freedom of Information laws.  It was pretty interesting, and super “legit” as we college students say.  It was at the Hotel Tour Hassan, which is a super posh hotel and they had excellent coffee, which is obviously the most important part (just kidding).  There were also translators there and you could get headphones if you couldn’t understand French.  Fortunately, I was able to understand most of what everyone was talking about, and the Canadian presented in English, so that was great.  It was a pretty good day.  Next week I’ll go into the offices for a thank you tea, and then go back to studying for my exam.   Actually, that’s something I should be doing now.  I need to get this 10 page term paper on Body Image and Beauty turned into my Gender Studies professor by Tuesday!  Wish me luck!

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