Wow, I’m Actually back in Wooster

February 1st, 2011

Honestly, I still can’t believe I’m back in the United States, let along Wooster, Ohio.  My first few days on campus were probably some of the most exhilarating days of my life as I greeted all my friends, barraging them with stories about Morocco and Europe, and receiving quite a few surprises from them.  A lot had happened last semester!  I’m living in Luce Hall in the French language suite, which I like very much.  In order to live in the French suite I had to promise to speak only French in all the public spaces, and participate in the weekly activities hosted by the suite and our Parisian language assistant.  It’s an interesting experience, not because I have to speak French, but because I’ve never lived on the south end of campus before and I feel rather far away from everything, except Morgan Hall.  I like being close to Morgan Hall because my first class of the day is in that building and I enjoy the quick walk to class in the mornings, especially when it’s a bit chilly outside, like it is right now.  Speaking of cold weather, all we’ve seen here for the last day and a half is sleet and freezing rain.  The Wooster public schools were closed today.  The college students alas, were not as lucky.  As the weather continues to worsen, we are all hoping (and possibly praying) for canceled classes or an honest-to-goodness snow day, a rare occurrence for any college campus.  This bad weather is heading east as well, I just talked to my sister in Vermont, and she already knows she and my other sister will not have school tomorrow.  Lucky girls.

Classes are going well, I think.  I jumped right in to two Junior IS classes, one for each major, a class called Nationalism and Interdependence, and a class called International Political Economy.  Needless to say, if I ever complain about not having anything to do this semester, call me out on it, cause I’m totally lying.  There’s always (home)work to be done!  I’m doing a few different extra curricular activities than I have been doing in the past.  I’ve decided to go to Superfit Aerobics  and Zumba classes at the gym whenever possible.  I found I had too much leftover energy at the end of the day here because I was not walking great distances to get anywhere like I was in Morocco.  The exercise has helped me sleep at night, thank goodness.  I’m also still singing in the Wooster Chorus, which is just as fun as ever, although I was disappointed in how rusty my sight reading skills have gotten while abroad!

There are so many new faces on campus too!  When I walked into the Lowry dining hall the first night I got back I didn’t recognize anyone!  That has been hard.  By now everyone else has gotten used to all the new freshman except all the students who were abroad last semester.  We are still trying to wrap our heads around the huge population explosion.  Additionally, little things have changed.  Walls are painted different colors, there’s new furniture in some parts of the library, and there are different dining options and policies on campus that were not in place last year.  It will take some getting used to.  Reintegration sessions with the Office of Off-Campus Study and the Lilly House have been very helpful in helping all of us readjust to being on campus.  To be honest, putting all this down in a blog (or journal, or both) also helps a lot.  It also is a nice alternative to the pile of homework I still have left to do.  Alright, I think that I will have to wrap up for now.  Unfortunately nothing really novel has happened to me this semester, which is just fine by me, it just doesn’t make for really interesting blog entries.  I highly doubt anyone wants to read a blow by blow account of any of the last three weeks of my life.  Although today I did hear some pretty interesting Senior IS presentations, and I talked with a fellow student at length about trains, their merits and drawbacks, and the relative superiority of European trains to American ones.  Those were probably the highlights of my day.  OK, now I really have to leave, I still have a paper to research for, and I’m currently obsessed with the current upheavals in the Middle East (surprise surprise) so I’m constantly checking the NY Times and BBC websites.  I know it’s weird, but I sort of wish I was back in the region.  It would be SO interesting (and probably scary) to see these events unfold literally in front of my eyes.

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