Let it Snow!

February 6th, 2011

Let’s see, what did I do this week?  Well, I went to class, and I generally find my classes pretty intellectually stimulating, which is a good thing.  I went to my extra-curricular activities, which are always nice and relaxing.  I did some research for a few papers I will be cranking out in the near future.  I slept in until today until 11am, which was awesome!  It was probably the first time in months that I have really slept in at all.  So, all in all, it seems like a pretty normal week, one that would be forever filed away in my brain as one of those “uneventful” weeks, except for one thing…..

SNOW DAY!!!!  Last Wednesday, for the first time in years (4 years I think) the college was closed for a snow day!  Basically, it’s been snowy and gross all week.  Monday night as I was leaving the library to return to my dorm I slid/fell down the outside steps.  There was some weird precipitation going on outside.  It was a weird cross between rain and sleet, and I didn’t see how slippery the stairs were, so I started to slide, and I grabbed the railing for balance, but that too was covered in a sheet of ice, so I just slid down to the bottoms of the stairs, a little bit jostled, but none the worse for wear.  Tuesday the ice started to really accumulate everywhere and all the students (and some of the professors I’m sure) were starting to have hopeful “maybe we’ll get a snow day” thoughts in their brains.  The Wooster City schools had called a snow day, so we were all hoping. My sisters back home in Vermont were told Tuesday afternoon that their schools would be closed on Wednesday, so I figured that if Vermonters were calling preemptive snow days than what was stopping Wooster from canceling school?

Sooooo, on Wednesday morning (quite early I might add) I get an auto-call from the school canceling all classes!!  Yay!  What now do I do with my day off?  Well, for starters, I watched some television obviously, and then decided to actually be productive.  I had a whole day off from not only classes, but extra-curricular commitments, so why not use my free day to say, get ahead?  So yes, I’m not sure if I really “got ahead” in any of my classes, but I did spend a significant portion of my day researching for some papers that are due soon.  It really wasn’t that bad, I sort of like doing research, I mean that was basically my job for a whole year.  Additionally, I studied/researched with friends, which made the time spent much more pleasant.  Alright.  It is time for me to wrap up, and go work on a short paper for my International Political Economy paper, which has an amusing Simpson’s-based prompt for me to work with, so it should be fun, and it only has to be 5 pages (max!).

P.S.  Next week I should have some cool stuff to write about since I’ll be attending a summit called “Food for Thought” which deals with food politics and sustainable agriculture.  Should be awesome!

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