water…water, WATER!!!!

May 12th, 2011

Well, I’ve had an interesting few weeks.  I woke up saturday morning about two weeks ago bright and early at 8:30am, ready to jump into my day and get a lot work done!  My plan was to write a paper in the morning pertaining to my vision for the future structure of the international system, and in the afternoon I was going to bake a couple of pies, and then I was going to hang out and relax with friends in the evening as a reward for a day full of hard work.  That did not happen.  I had a slow paced morning, full of lounging around and leisurely breakfast eating.  Janitors had come to clean the bathroom as usual.  “Maybe they’ll finally fix that broken toilet,” I thought to myself.  As I was about to actually get a start on my work, I heard a loud bang, lots of yelling, and the roaring sound of A LOT of water bursting out of a pipe.  More yelling ensued.  I couldn’t get out of my seat, I did not want to run into and/or get in the way of an angry maintenance worker.  Soon though, I noticed some water begin to creep under my door.  Water.  In my room.  On the floor.  Not stopping.  Crap.  It was coming in pretty quickly, so I immediately jumped up and began unplugging all electrical appliances and throwing everything that had been on our floor up onto beds and chairs.  I was at that point extremely thankful that my roommate and I had cleaned our room the other day to get ready for her parents’ visit.  Since my roommate was not in the room, I decided it would probably be a good idea to give her a call and let her know what’s going on.  I called.  I got voice-mail.  I called again.  No answer.  It took me a couple of tries, but I finally got a hold of her and pretty much begged her to come home.  At this point, water had completely flooded the third floor of the suite and was making its way downward, and out to other suites.  It was insane I tell you!  The water was coursing down the stairs like a waterfall! I bet if I had blown up the air mattress we had in our room I could have rafted around the suite. Miraculously, I still got to make my pies (mixed berry). 🙂

Anyway, long story short was, I had to move out of my room due to the extensive damage to the dry wall (not surprising considering the amount of water that flooded through the building).  So, my roommate and I are living in a hotel in down town Wooster.  It’s really interesting because I’m not upset about it.  These things happen, and frankly I don’t have the desire to waste precious time feeling angry and upset, or even stressed out about it all.  In fact, I’ve even had a lot of fun with the hotel stay.  My roommate and I have hosted several sleepovers and “Say Yes to the Dress” marathon parties.  It actually has been a lot of fun!

What I am a little sad about is the fact that several of my friends will be graduating in a few days.  I’m happy for them because they are all moving on to do wonderful, fantastic things with their lives, but it is still a little bit sad because they won’t be back at Wooster next year.  I’m also trying to come to terms with the fact that I will be a senior next year.  I knew it would go by fast, but I honestly had no idea it would go by this fast.  College is flying by faster than high school did, and that’s really sad because I’ve done so much growing and changing in college, more than I felt I did in high school at least.  It’s also daunting to think of completing my Senior IS next year.  I just finished both of my Junior IS papers as of 5pm yesterday, and it feels really really weird.  It was a challenging semester academically for me, and in a way it’s a relief that is over, but non-academically speaking I had a really really amazing year!  I got to study abroad for a semester in MOROCCO!  How many people can honestly say that they’ve done that?  And I received a truly warm welcome from my friends and professors when I returned to campus for the spring semester, and that good feeling has continued throughout the rest of the semester.

Well, it’s finals week, and I have to present my religious studies Jr. IS at 2pm, which is only in 3 hours.  Yikes!  It will be fine though.  After that I will be finished with exams!  That’s really exciting to think about (and a little bit nerve wracking), but I think I will write a blog post later in the week that will be just one long big reflection of what I have taken away with me this year.  That should be fun.  Well, I’d better start preparing for my presentation.

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